WordPress Website

Sprungbraett-festival.ch is one of my ongoing projects. It is built on a WordPress back end with a custom theme and different plugins. The website is designed to present the past, present and future festivals and for artists who want to audition for it.



Vue.js Website

Vue.js is a JavaScipt Framework to build dynamic websites. This Vue Desktop project was one of the first Vue Js websites I built by myself. It mimics a normal desktop and emulates its behavior. As you can see this very website is inspired by it.



Python InstaScraper & JavaScript Website

The Instagram wall was a photo projection for festival guests. A guest with an open Instagram account had the chance to post a photo, tag it and it would be shown for everybody on the projection. I used python to grab all correctly tagged pictures, JavaScript to dynamically input them into the webpage and some minor php to manage a ignore list, to supervise the presented content.

David Lengweiler

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